Strategic Dealer Alliance Member Application

Step 1: General Business Information

Authorized Purchasing Agents:


Tax Exempt

Trade Reference

Bank Reference

Step 2:SDA Qualification Questionnaire

What territory are you requesting?

What percent of your annual sales is made up by each of the following product categories:

Step 3:Credit Request

If credit is granted, I/We promise to pay all bills within 2D Electronics’s terms of Net-30 days from receipt of invoice. I/We understand that there will be 1 1/2 % interest per month charged on all past due balances. In the event payment is not made and this account is referred for collections, I/We agree to pay all collection fees, attorney fees, and court costs if applicable. There will be a $25.00 fee charged for all returned checks. I/We also understand and agree that 2D Electronics has our permission to conduct a credit investigation including, but not limited to, bank and trade references, and credit bureaus. Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions may result in cancellation of credit privileges without notice. All credit returns will be subject to 2D Electronics' repair and return policy. Merchandise will not be accepted for return unless authorized by 2D Electronics by obtaining an RMA number. Merchandise accepted for return may be subject to a restocking charge. I/ We herein make application to 2D Electronics for credit and/or to update and reconfirm our existing account and balance. By signing this document, I/We agree to abide by 2D Electronics' Warranty Policy. Any warranty on any merchandise purchased from 2D Electronics hereunder is subject to payment in full of all amounts owed with respect to such merchandise and purchaser will have no rights under such warranty until payment in full is received by 2D Electronics. The parties expressly agree that exclusive jurisdiction for any legal proceeding relating to this agreement or otherwise related to the merchandise purchased hereunder shall be in any Colorado state court located in Denver, Colorado or federal court located in Denver, Colorado. Each party expressly and irrevocably consents and submits to the jurisdiction of each such state and federal court in connection with any such legal proceeding.


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