Amazing Opprotunity!!

Make sure your self-storage business is protected Receive all in one security services from local professtionals. Generate additional revenue and piece of mind for you self-storage facility and for your tenants property.

Amazing Opprotunity!!


Self-storage business owners are concerned about adequately protecting their customers and their storage business. Security technology has become a non-negotiable amenity for self-storage properties. Most self-storage owners and operators know the importance in investing in access control systems, including access gates, fencing, and keypads.

Other business owners install security equipment including, wireless door alarms, video surveillance, digital video recorders, motion-sensors, and site-graphic signage. Crime prevention in self-storage is a growing concern and as criminal incidents occur, like theft, arson and vandalism, it has become essential to protect your business and customer assets.

What if there was a way for Self-Storage business owners to receive the safety requirements that they need to secure their properties and perhaps more importantly, there is a way to use the technology to impact the bottom line of the business. At 2D Electronics we can show you how to use camera systems to make your operations more efficient, show you how to use access control in ways that will get you new customers and also explore ways to use technology systems to generate income.

Protect your property and investments, as well as your customer’s investments with security experts who are trusted within your industry.

Technologies to support a better safer self-storage operation


Gate Controllers

Keypads Integrate with door alarms and disarm when the
user key into the front gate. 2-Way communication allows for communication from the front desk or off site from intercom system at the gate controller. Ruggedized Keypads for any weather conditions. Metallic housings and numbers that will not fade. Rugged housings and bright displays ensure correct use every time.
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Door Alarms

Studies show that most thefts at a Self-Storage facility are committed by renters. Having the ability to monitor each unit on an individual basis gives you the power to protect your tenants and their valuables. This will enable you to rent these units for $2-$5 each more per month for a 5-12% increases occupancy resulting in a substantial increase in income.
Internet security

Payment Systems

Allow tenants to pay-at-the-gate 24/7 and integrate with 3rd
party software and payment systems. Allow your customers
to pay past-due or current balances on their accounts right
at the keypad.
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Video Cameras & Audio Recording

IP Based video system. Offers very high resolution for accu-rate identification Video can be viewed and played back any-where from your remote software or apps for any mobile device Intelligent video systems are not capable of much more than just providing an image.

Facility Communications

Have your systems communicate with each other and with your team both onsite and offsite. Control devices such as lights, alarms and gates through remote apps as well as on location systems.
Internet security

Lighting Control

Put lighting on timers, or activate upon user activity in an area. Integrate with camera systems, alarm systems and motion sensing.
Internet security

Alarm Systems

Protect entry to your site as well as each storage location with alarm systems. Arm and Disarm systems via applications remotely as well as on site.
Enable storage location disarming upon tenant code entry at the gate, as well as arming when they leave.
Internet security

Operations and Other

View real time activity in the software. Open a gate, hold a gate open or disarm any point on the property from inside the office. If an alarm is tripped you can be automatically be notified by email or in your app. Technology for fully managed self-learning wireless mesh networks has allowed high speed reliability in data communications.
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Multiple Locations

Multi-Site Manager: You can manage multiple locations tied to one rental office! This unique and powerful system has all the same features for Property Manager systems with the additional capability of operating more than one facility (or divided facility) on the same computer with the same program.

Considering going UN-Attended at your locations? We can set up a complete VIRTUAL experience for your off-site management.

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