Repairs and Returns

Technical support is by eLine Technology. Before shipping any equipment to eLine for repair or return, please contact our Technical Support Team to see if the problem can be solved over the phone or email. If your problem cannot be solved over the phone or by email, eLine Tech Support will provide you with an RMA number to write on the outside of your shipping container.

Please indicate whether your return is a DVR or other type of equipment.

There is a $50.00 diagnostic fee.

All repairs and returns must have an RMA number written on the outside of the shipping container. Also include a 2D RMA Form inside the box with the RMA number filled in.

iconeLine RMA Form

Packaging your Shipment

Protecting the value of returned products by packaging and shipping them correctly is your responsibility. We reserve the right to deny warranty coverage for any damage caused by failing to meet the following packaging requirements:

  • All returned items must be shipped in their original packaging or equivalent. All electronic components must be taped and/or contained in their original electrostatic protective packaging or an equivalent substitute. A per item charge of $70 plus packaging material costs will be assessed if the item is not sent in proper re-useable packaging.
  • All parts must be packed securely inside the external shipping carton to prevent mechanical damage.
  • External packaging must be sufficient to protect the contents from the usual hazards of shipping.

If damage does occur in shipping it is the shippers responsibility to file a claim with the transportation company for reimbursement.

Advance Replacement

Advance replacements are at the original manufacturer's discretion. Should a defective product qualify for advance replacement per the manufacturer's policies, 2D Electronics will coordinate the process between you and the said manufactuer. Attach the below Advance Replacement Form to your RMA Form.

icon2D Electronics Advance Replacement Form

Shipping Address

RMA #: (write your RMA number here)
2D Electronics
1070 West 124th Ave, Suite B-100
Westminster, CO 80234

Vendor Support Documents

Virtual Tech

This utility allows temporary remote control access to your computer or DVR by 2D Electronics staff. The connection is only active when initiated by you and does not install anything on the computer or DVR that it is run on.

  1. Download elhelp.exe
  2. Contact 2D Electronics for your ID number when using this tool

When assisting you with troubleshooting, 2D support staff may ask you for information about your computer setup such as IP address. Arul john's utilities site is a handy resource for this information.

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